We can provide telepsychiatry and telepsychology services to anyone in the entire state of California from the comfort of your home through your computer and webcam.

Our goal is to afford you the absolute best in mental health care. Teleconferencing is not only private and convenient but also grants a unique opportunity to remove geographical barriers to outstanding clinicians. Standard mental health care today is too frequently compromised by inaccurate diagnoses, overmedication, and lack of targeted therapy by competent therapists. At Renew TeleHealth, we have developed the first system of its kind to thoroughly screen for the proper diagnosis before making any treatment decisions. Once your diagnostic assessment is complete, our team creates the optimal treatment plan, targeting each diagnosis in an order that improves your life in the most meaningful way. We employ the gold-standard treatments in psychology and offer these through hand-picked therapists encompassing the best in the field. Importantly, after determining your diagnoses, we’ll pair you with the therapist whose expertise best matches your personality and diagnosis.

Our approach to medication reflects the fine balance between risks and benefits and involves extensive discussion regarding both short and long-term side effects. We discuss the medication’s basic science and mechanism of action, reasonable effectiveness expectations, as well as limitations (especially when compared with a rival therapy or skills-based treatment). The long-term medical literature has shown that psychotherapy is where the biggest lasting improvements generally occur. When appropriate, we’ll recommend therapy before medications or use medications on a time-limited basis while waiting for therapy improvements to set in. We promote sensible dosing and will nearly always recommend a psychological treatment focused on your diagnosis to help reduce medication requirements in the long-run. We also have extensive knowledge in the safest ways to reduce or stop medications if this treatment plan appears to be in your best interest. Although we judiciously utilize medication, we in no way discount its helpfulness and never forego its use when appropriate.

Getting started is simple. Give us a call at 650-450-9520 so we can set up an appointment to test your internet connection, computer, and webcam to make sure you can access our services. Most home setups work out-of-the-box but occasionally you’ll have to buy an inexpensive webcam for about $20 in order to improve your experience. Most of our clients with PPO insurance plans get some or most of their appointments paid.  We understand that insurance is confusing and we’ll gladly call your PPO and figure out what your estimated out-of-pocket expense will be (if any) before you sign on with us. We’re delighted to get started with you; if it’s after hours or we’re on the line just leave a message and we’ll get back to you promptly.