Renew TeleHealth is reinventing mental health care by providing you with the first digital clinic of its kind. We deliver comprehensive telepsychiatry and telepsychology services that can reach anyone in the state of California from the comfort of your home through your computer and webcam. Don’t worry about the technology part, we’ll walk you through and make sure everything works before you sign up for anything. Our process is distinct from any mental health treatment you’ve received before.

-Many are unhappy with the results of their previous mental health care and this is often due to their diagnosis(es) being incorrect or incomplete. When the diagnosis is incorrect or incomplete so is the treatment plan. We focus on thorough diagnostic assessments before making any treatment decisions.

-We judiciously prescribe medication, focusing on the fine balance between side effects and benefits.

-We provide customized therapy options that are tailored to your diagnostic assessment. In most cases our targeted psychotherapy treatments have been proven to be more effective and provide longer lasting benefits than medications.

-Our therapists are hand-picked and represent the best in the field. A major advantage to remote conferencing is that it allows access to our specialized team no matter your location.


Getting started is simple. Give us a call at 650-450-9520 so we can set up an appointment to test your internet connection, computer, and webcam to make sure you can access our services. Most home setups work out-of-the-box but occasionally you’ll have to buy an inexpensive webcam for about $20 in order to improve your experience. Most of our clients with PPO insurance plans get some or most of their appointments paid.  We understand that insurance is confusing and we’ll gladly call your PPO and figure out what your estimated out-of-pocket expense will be (if any) before you sign on with us. We’re delighted to get started with you; if it’s after hours or we’re on the line just leave a message and we’ll get back to you promptly.